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Tea Leaf Reader and Rejuvenating Reiki Director


Tea Leaf Reader and Rejuvenating Reiki Director


How can Reiki help you?

Do you need help and guidance? Heck Yesss! We all do...


 No hard to understand information.

Honest, easy connections, promoting wonderful intuitive living.

no-hippie-shit  Reiki sessions are focused on YOU! Do you have feelings of isolation or loneliness due to a recent move? Changes in your daily life? (I’ve been there). Or just a desire to relax with a “no excuse” break from your busy schedule? My sessions are offered in person or online through FaceTime and Zoom. 

Book an inspiring, tea and tarot, Tea cup Reading or book a relaxing, rejuvenating reiki break.

*Licenced Cosmotologist - Florida and Missouri.

 Qualified Reiki master/teacher

Reiki Inspired Tea and Tarot. What's in your cup?


Hello energy friends, 

who is Savvie?

Savvie began her Reiki healing journey shortly after the birth of her daughter and then only two years later, twin boys. Through a creative career as a cosmetologist, she continued to develop her energy abilities to eventually become a Reiki Master. Savvie would often reminisce about growing up in Cheshire, England by frequenting her favorite British tea shop for a rejuvenating pot of tea. It was there that she was joined by a good friend/Reiki teacher and would read tea leaves in empty cups for fun. After an invitation to offer tea leaf readings at a Holistic fair, she realized her passion had been rekindled and thus No-Hippie-Shit was born! 

Can’t wait to hear from you!



Tea and Tarot

A fun unique Reading.

*Now offering amazing insight, with the unique Tea leaf cards, by Rae Hepburn🌟 They compliment your cup!

Tea leaf reading with a splash of Tarot. 

This can be done on Zoom or facetime.

Tea leaf reading is otherwise know as Tasseography.

Stir up some emotion and steep in intuitive entertainment. 

Put the kettle on and schedule your reading with Savvie today.

Schedule an appointment now at the beautiful Serenity Center or globally online and see what’s in your cup!

Call or text~(816)-830-2573

No -hippie-shit What’s it all about!

How to prepare for a tea leaf reading☕️

Put the kettle on and stir up an inspirational Tea Leaf Reading right in your cup!

The absolute best cup to use is a china teacup and saucer. Preferably one that has a wider bottom and is solid white inside, allowing the leaves to be clearly visible.

The Ritual

  • Put the tea leaves in the cup. One healthy pinch for your reading and an extra one for you!
  • Pour the boiled water to cover the leaves
  • leave to brew for 3 minutes ( a perfect time for a card reading!)
  • Thoughtfully sip your tea with a focus on any quandaries or life events . your energy will  shine through!
  • When most of the liquid is enjoyed , place cup upside down on the saucer. * note .~you may experience a few leaves through your teeth! This does not affect your reading but try and keep it to a minimum .
  • Follow your readers instructions ( everyone is different) on the cup ritual before turning right side up to present your tea leaves.
  • Wishing you, good health, good friends and a great cup of tea. Enjoy~

Where is Savvie?

See our ad in Natural Awakenings Magazine 

🌟💫Reiki Circle ~Saturday January 4th @ 4-5

Community Center 729 Mills/50

Start 2020 with a new awakening. looking forward to seeing you!

Tea Leaf readings with intuitive Fortune cards

Every Tuesday from  3-7 @ Spiral Circle Books .


🌟First Ever Oviedo  Reiki Circle - Wednesday December 18th. Hope to see you there! No experience necessary and all reiki questions welcome!
*🤩live event⭐️ schedule your tea leaf Reading~  Sunday October 13th @ Spiral Circle Books & more Grand Rising Celebration and open house mills/50 District, Orlando, visit their site to book your reading time.

What a great event! Thank you to all who attended 

Sunday November 10th 3-7 (and every Sunday)

where?    Spiral Circle Books , Thornton ave , Orlando

🌟20 min  readings for $40 🌟



inspirational thoughts welcome!

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Sweet deals

Did you know~~~

You don't actually have to be sitting next to me!

Schedule a Tea Cup Reading online! 

Get a reading while still in your own home! 

After a time is decided between yourself and savvie instructions will be sent to you and tea cup pictures can be viewed  via email  or Phone.

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